Guangzhou Sun Jump Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., with over 19 years leading the corrugated industry and a team dedicated to staying informed and ahead of technology trends, we have the expertise to work for you and help you make better quality cardboards and cartons at lower manufacturing cost. 

As a leading manufacturer of corrugator belts and industrial fabrics, Sun Jump proudly has been China’s 1st name in corrugator belts with our legendary SD9.8 series which has proven to be one of the most dependable and durable corrugator belts on the planet. We have been making and distributing thousands of corrugator belts worldwide since 1998 when we were just a heavy woven textile manufacturer.

Today, our product range has extensively grown to include corrugator machinery and related equipment when we entered the new business through acquisitions in 2010, which includes auto splicers, bridge / web guide systems and web tension controls, also our experts team is able to work closely with clients for their corrugated facilities upgrading. (To learn more, please link to our extension: )

Offering a highly flexible business mode, we are an open minded manufacturer and distributor, allowing Sun Jump to provide a broad range of products and services for clients in the corrugated industry. Our highly skilled sales executives and technical expertise assure us to be your valuable partner in analyzing and solving problems. With the experience servicing more than one thousand clients in China and overseas markets during the past decade, now we are capable of developing effective and customized solutions meeting the diverse needs from customers around the world.

While Sun Jump has grown to be a sophisticated operation, we have never forgotten the key elements that resulted in the formation of the brand.

Trust: from the quality and our people.

Value: extra values to customers.    

Service: outstanding services to meet or exceed customers’ expectation.                              

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