Pulley Lagging for the corrugator (double facer)

Original semi-vulcanized rubber CN layer of cold pack, the premier anti-slip solutions, whether it is plastic bag or rubber sheet auxiliary materials, we have to ensure 100% relaibility and durability!Customized to corrugators operations, the drum plastic bag made of high quality cold, wear special rubber, using the original layer and semi-cured CN curatives SC2000 combines technology. Field construction, saving business downtime, improve maintenance efficiency. Surface with rubber our unique material is particularly suitable for cylinders and bushings, significantly improve the coefficient of friction, reduce noise levels. Another advantage is our unique CN bonding layer and the adhesive SC2000, each product showed unexpected results.



Pulley Lagging----Cost effective


This cost effective product is wear proof, while generating extreme pulling. Customers can replace them in house which minmize downtime.  




Top side--PVC NONEX55

Bottom side—fabric

Nipple height– 1.7mm


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